Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hundreds of orphans are presently being cared for in Bangalore, in Andra Pradesh, Salem, India and in Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, and Capetown, South Africa.
These uncared for children are housed, provided meals, clothing, medical care, and are being educated. Christian compassion provides for all of these needs and lets them experience genuine love.
Many in Africa are victims of the loss of parents because of AIDS related death.

Street Children
Four thousand street children are provided meals each week in the slums of Manila, Philippines. There are medical
clinics to meet all kinds of unmet needs.
Parents of these children receive training and many programs are provided year around.
Volunteer doctors and nurses provide free services with the goal of breaking the grip of poverty and homelessness.

When a woman looses a husband in many cultures they are abandoned by family as well. Although this is a terrible injustice and cannot be comprehended by the western mind, it is common in many countries overseas. In Ghana, West Africa over 300 widows are receiving life-sustaining food with literally no one else to care for their needs.
In India scores of widows are cared for as well. The resources are all but non-existent in most of these countries.
With the provision of food, health care products, clothing, and shelter the India women above are spared terrible suffering.
West Africa is a hot bed for war, rebellion and great political unrest. The Budaburam camp is home to over 40,000 refugees from the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
These live on 21 acres, with little water or sanitation facilities. Their refugee status does not permit them to work.
Most of us cannot imagine the deprivation they endure.
The team there is doing remarkable acts of compassion in an almost impossible situation.
We are now involved in building a compound that will serve the refugee population on the outskirts of Acra, Ghana.

Here is another group of sufferers who are mostly ignored. Perhaps it is because of fear of infection or because the culture has simply abandoned this population.
Here is a picture of a lady who has lost her hands. Thank God there are caring Christians who have reached out and helped her.

Your kind gifts to Homeless Rescue Services will greatly benefit so many hurting people in our troubled world.
Thank you for considering a gift to the troubled of our world.

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