Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Bangalore City Mission, India by Jonathan Raj

Our social workers go out each day counseling the people to send their kids to school. The people think the kids are better off working, learning the trade, and earning for the family. These kids are very much a part of the family’s income. They learn the job of stone cutting or else how can they survive? We struggle to make them realize the importance of education in their lives.

Poverty and destitution, sad to say, is linked to a whole array of related issues. We conduct medical camps (R.)in collaboration with hospitals. Issues like domestic violence, alcohol abuse, health issues are a common place here.

Comments by Malcolm Lee

Children start work in the quarries in India from 6 years old for pennies a day. We want the children rescued from this life. Combining the Gospel with schooling is a sure way of emancipating them from the cast system. Short life spans comes with this dusty grueling work. We have supported this ministry for about 15 years. We have watched this school expand and enlarge from 150 children to 500. The cast system limits the quarry children to the old lifestyle, but the Gospel and education have changed all of that. Their orphanage provides for abandoned children as well.

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