Saturday, June 18, 2011


To: Malcolm Lee

Again, I thank the LORD for HIS faithfulness. HIS provisions come at the time that we really need it most. Thank you for you are being used as HIS channel of blessings to the ministry. The School Year 2011-2012 just opened this week and we are really campaigning for school supplies for about 1,300 children. We have provided for about 844 already including our Mindanao & Visayas areas. We also have facilitated 58 scholars from elementary, high school and college. Last year, we have eight graduates also from these areas also. GOD is good and HE really loves the poor.

Please continue to pray for us especially for one of our full-time staff, who is now suffering from complications from his diabetes. He has been battling this for the last year and a half. Lately he is in and out of the hospital, his hemoglobin is very low and he needed blood transfusion and then he reacted to it. Also pray for financial support because we never thought that it is this expensive.

We have opened a new area here called the Pasig Line. We need more volunteers because this place has a lot of squatters. Have us in your prayers.

GOD bless you always.


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