Friday, December 09, 2011


Church flees village
in Tribal area

This pastor, with red Bible, and the congregation have fled their church (shown in the background) and their homes because of persecution. This pastor's 14 year old daughter was raped by a tribal man in the village and he demanded the girl become his wife. Of course this request was refused and hence...the persecution. He rallied the whole village against the Christians. (See previous post)

These and other cruelties have been imposed on Christian converts in this part of India.
But God is faithful. There are now 3700 Christians in this larger tribal area.
Pastor and Tara Daniel (right, shown in our home this December) have seen great success since starting the work in 1992.

Prayer Need:
PRAY...for these persecuted Christians as they are starting all over again in another village!
PRAY...that each one will be strong in faith and undeterred in their Christia
n life!
PRAY...for the ten new pastor trainees who begin training in January and for finances for them!

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