Thursday, August 21, 2014

                          MANNY AND GLENDA FERNANDEZ
                           THE UKRAINE IS IN A CIVIL WAR.

The pastors who have been challenged with planting new churches are in need of our prayers.   They have planted scores of churches and are evangelizing, making disciples, have been encouraged to plant a new church every 2 years.

With the trauma of a civil war there is much unrest.  Over 300,000 people have been displaced in the eastern part of the country and at least two major cities are still occupied by rebels. With the uncertainty of the real motive of the Russian President Putin, there is much anxiety.
Please pray for:  The Fernandez and the team of church planters in the Ukraine.  Pray that through the difficulty the Ukrainians will be receptive to the Gospel.

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... I am so filled with joy and happiness this day I wanted to write to you to share the feelings of gladness I am enjoying and invite you to continue to pray without ceasing.

As you know, just having our thoughts and minds on Jesus and his wonderful works, and striving in our daily lives to live for Him is a prayer in itself. We all know this and put it to use in our daily lives. Of course, we hope that those who do not know the peace of this happy life will want to follow our lead and walk this joyful path.

Jesus is the answer to all my questions, as you all know, and it is my intention to pray this day for all of those sad lives that have been struggling with their own indiviual diasters, whether it is from inside or out. There are so many who need our strength. We are truly prayer warriers and I am so proud of that badge of honor.

Praising God with love,

Your Sister In Christ,
Miss Janet
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