Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bangalore, India work abong Slum children

We had small programme for the children. The Elim church is having regular Sunday school for the children. Every six month we are having a special programme for the children such as children’s retreat, bible Quiz, choreography, skit etc. Through these we are molding and preparing from various community children to come with one fellowship to know Jesus is the only one God. Many of them are accepting Jesus and they are attending our worship in our church. Through these children we are able to meet some of their parents and we are able to give them gospel.

Continued work among street children
STREET CHILDREN: As I mentioned in my previous news letter we are working among the street children Rag Pickers and also children abused by child labor, previously we went to their places to find them and give the gospel and the meal. But now, God has enabled us to start a small school among these children. Around thirty five children are coming everyday to learn about Jesus as well as the regular school subjects. Mrs. Glory sargunam ( Pastor. Timothy’s wife) and Mrs. Fathima Antony are taking care of these school. We are providing for their study materials as well as we are giving them lunch everyday. For the medical camp to teach them their personal Hygiene. Please pray for these special programme, so that this work will be elaborate through this Gods name will be glorified.

Widows are being helped
Widows programme: We are having a small group of senior widows, those who are neglected by their family members. Every week, we are having a special get together, also we are sharing them the love of God by the way of meeting their needs giving special meal, through that we are teaching literacy ( to read and write). So some of our church educated people are voluntarily giving their service to poor widows. Through this ministry two of them are able to read and write very well. Please I ask you to remember this ministry in your prayers.

Word from Salem India
We were able to arrange special meetings in churches, prisons, orphanages,hospitals,lepers colony and in villages. More than 1500 people being blessed and 250 acceptedJesus as their Lord and Saviour. At right leper colony

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