Saturday, November 14, 2009


From Joy Reyes, Director of the work in Manila

“In spite of our economic problems, the ministry is growing. We now have 4,500 street children and almost 800 adults being taught and fed, 10 children in our Home, and we have just concluded our summer activities such as sports fest for about 190 participating street children, 126 street boys were circumcised, medical and dental needs were met in 7 areas. Over 1 thousand patients benefited from the medical clinic.
This week we will have our Vacation Bible School graduation for the 4,500 children and the adults too. Recently, we opened work in Davao, the result of our two (husband & wife) workers who migrated in that city“.
Children are also sponsored into school programs…from small children up to and including college”.

4 monsoons have hit the islands in the last month, causing flooding and displacement in a widespread area.

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