Friday, October 28, 2011

Urgent Prayer need for church in Tribal area of India 

Pastor Daniel and Tara Vattiprolu (r) lead 25 churches among tribal people in central India. This letter was received on Oct 28th. The tribal people are illiterate and are into witchcraft. The lower picture is a tribal man who is made literate and the trained in the scriptures and sent to evangelize a tribal village.

Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Here one of our pastors W. Pethuru had faced a terrible situation at Durda Padu Village.

He started a branch church at Durdapadu and moved there along with his family. A man belongs to the same village trapped the daughter of Pethuru. She is 14 years old  and the man took her to his home and raped her.

He is an unbeliever. Pastor Pethuru brought his daughter home and he was asking about the situation. Then the man came to Pastor Pethuru along with his parents and village elders to ask to marry girl. Pastor Pethuru got angry with them and refused to give his daughter to be marry because he is unbeliever. Then the whole villagers attacked Pastor Pethuru and his wife and beat them very badly and they dragged the girl along with them. The girl escaped and came back to her parents. The next day we sent one of our pastors Peter and he brought Pastor Pethuru and his wife and his daughter to us.

 Then the villagers isolated all of our believers and came to believer's houses and threw out the water vessels from their houses. Believers suffered without drinking water for 2 days along with their children. Then all of us went to their village to solve the problem. The believers want to leave the village because of the villagers torturing.

Yours in Christ,
Tara Vattiprolu

P. S.  Nearly 20 families are there to be provided shelter. Now they are homeless and helpless.

Critical Need:    Kindly pray for wisdom,  and for them to get shelter in a safe place.

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