Thursday, March 01, 2012


Overview of Homeless Rescue Services Ministries

• HRSI helps support 11 orphanages in India, Cameroon and Liberia. There are a total of 750 children being helped and funding provided to start an orphanage in Haiti and to build another in Bangalore, India. .

• Homeless boys and girls are provided daily food, clothing, shelter, education and medical treatment on a continuing basis. Many children have been taken from off the streets and many girls rescued from infanticide and sexual exploitation.

* We provide support for 37 Pastors who are planting new churches in India and Africa. This work continues with wonderful results.

• HRSI provides funding for 20 medical camps for the needy in India and the Philippines.

• Lepers, widows, and refugees receive compassion services and spiritual training on a continuing basis in Bombay, Salem, and Bangalore, India, and in Africa.

• HRSI helps support American Indians in White Clay, Nebraska. This program includes Rehabilitation, lodging, meals, and vocational training.

• Education is provided for the youth in India, Africa and Haiti. Over 4,000 students are being educated in primary, secondary schools, Bible Institutes, and in job-skills training centers.

• 5,000 Street Kids receive various services in Manila and Papua, New Guinea, and in Tijuana, Mexico.

• Recovery and rehabilitation services are also provided to addicted people living in the Ukraine and in Papua, New Guinea.

* We encourage your participation with prayers and financial gifts to:
Homeless Rescue Services
923 View Drive
Richmond, CA 94803
or donate on our web site:

Phone 510-301-9418

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