Friday, November 30, 2012


Where were the girls?

Report from Wordsower Orphanages, Andra Pradesh, India
by Jason Nightingale

Where are the girls?

And then it dawned on me and
I was shocked at my own conclusion.
India has two medical systems. One National system, free for all, and one private system that is very

According to Indian law, it is forbidden to tell prospective parents the sex of their child before birth. This is to prevent abortions of girls and in the National medical system this law is pretty well upheld. Under the private system this prohibition is regularly flaunted. Indian doctors perform more sonograms than any other nation and, consequently, abort more girl babies than any other nation. Other girls are exposed to death at birth, intentionally underfed and not cared for, given to temples to be raised as temple prostitutes and sold   to sex traffickers.                                                                                Jason Nightingale with a tiny one
We are fortunate to have the girls we have. Life is not easy for a girl in South Asia. 
(Wordsower Ministries has 200 orphans in India, and 200 orphans in Haiti.)

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