Monday, December 07, 2015

Liberia...a difficult place to serve

It has been a long time since I have sent out a blog or communicated.  As the Liberians say, “It is not easy here.”  I am just regaining strength for a simultaneous combination of Malaria,
Typhoid, worms and a cold.  For at least a week I was on my back. 
Kim Smith, Missionary to Liberia 



Thursday, March 12, 2015



Kim Smith with Wordsower Liberia has been part of a miracle.
It is a miracle of grit, of perserverance, and of faith.
He not only has servived malaria, the Liberian economy, threats to his life, but now also Ebola.

This ministry has been evangelizing and planting churches with their goal, to plant a church in every town in Liberia.

Kim is with us April 12 - 15, 2015.  Call to hear him at 510-301-9418, in Richmond, CA. or at

Thursday, August 21, 2014

                          MANNY AND GLENDA FERNANDEZ
                           THE UKRAINE IS IN A CIVIL WAR.

The pastors who have been challenged with planting new churches are in need of our prayers.   They have planted scores of churches and are evangelizing, making disciples, have been encouraged to plant a new church every 2 years.

With the trauma of a civil war there is much unrest.  Over 300,000 people have been displaced in the eastern part of the country and at least two major cities are still occupied by rebels. With the uncertainty of the real motive of the Russian President Putin, there is much anxiety.
Please pray for:  The Fernandez and the team of church planters in the Ukraine.  Pray that through the difficulty the Ukrainians will be receptive to the Gospel.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Homeless Rescue Services has been supporting Good Messinger Mission in the Ukraine since 1993. I visited this ministry headed up by Pastor Slavik Kravchuk just after it became a free country from the Soviet collapse. The picture of the youth who are being reached and equipped is encouraging.
Now their country is in turmoil and at risk of civil war.
Surely we must stand with this pastor. He has been most effective and has planted over 50 churches in the south of the Ukraine.
Our task:  Pray fervently that the disaster in the Ukraine will be resolved.
                 Pray for Pastor Slavik and the team of pastors he has with him.
                 Pray for the church, that it would buy up this opportunity to 
                       share Christ "at such a time as this." 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Solo Gratia Ministry
Mindano, The Philippines
Missionary Nonilo Sanchez

The task is formidable.  Homeless Rescue Services sent $4,000 to rebuild after the storm.
40 plus churches were destroyed and many homes were destroyed as well. Over 2,000,000 people were displaced.  The
Work of rebuilding has started. Teams of men are busy with  the task.
Happily, new opportunities have emerged to assist in the training of pastors in the ravaged areas.

Pray for Nonilo and the team.
Pray for their safety.
Pray for their efficiency with the projects
Pray that God would give them wisdom.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Solo Gratia Ministries


The Philippines

Nonilo Sanchez


This ministry continues to prepare pastors for service.  Their focus is to plant churches and they have been unusually effective in this endeavor.  
     Additional ministries including training of public school teachers to teach the Word of God to children.  Thousands have been taught.
     Another very effective ministry has been radio broadcast to the mostly Muslim population.

Their challenges: 
      Nonilo and Felly's serious health issues
     The completion of the seminary buildings
     Building of a new mission hospital
     Continued support of pastors and church planters

Friday, June 07, 2013

SOUTHERN INDIA                                 

JMHA is a ministry to the very poor in Salem, India.
Leprosy is still a scourge in India, but Pastor D’has organizes outreach's to bring help and medical care to the needy.  Mrs. D’has is a medical doctor who serves with her husband.  They also minister to people who have HIV/AIDS among other needs.

Pastor Glory D’has works in a city that is known for two things:
   Steel production and female infant death.                              
   We are shocked that people would abandon their girls, but because the people are so poor they cannot afford to pay a dowry to get their girls married the girls are abandoned.

One of their programs is to develop Community Outreach Centers in towns and villages where services are provided.

They start a church at these centers, but outreaches are provided daily to the needy.  Here they have schools, medical outreaches and job-skills training at these centers.

Malcolm and Jo Lee will meet with Pastor D'has the second week of June, 2013


Monday, March 18, 2013


Church Planting and much more in the Ukraine

Miracle Ministry:    It is my pleasure to report on the amazing work that God has done in the Ukraine.  I traveled to Nikolaev, a city of 600,000 people in 1993.  We fell in love with the Ukrainian people.  The Soviet Union had just recently failed and there was great needs in the country.  Pastor Slavik Kravchuc hosted a group of 16 of us and kept us busy for one wonderful week of service to the Lord. Since that time 20 years ago the church pictured here was built.  It is now the largest church in this city.  Happily by 2013 more than 57 churches have been started by this pastor in the city and the surrounding region.                                          Another miracle  I came home to my ministry at the Bay Area Rescue Mission and we began providing clothing in 600# bales for shipping to this church on ocean going containers. To our wonder in the following years over 300 containers of some 40,000 pounds each have been sent. This clothing has been unusually used of God to train people, and to provide for the inner-city poor and jobs have been provided for the unemployed.
Still more       Two recovery centers have been established to provide services to addicted men in the community.
Action Item  Please pray for Pastor Slavik and the whole team of dedicated believers there...and for their ongoing evangelism and service.
We are pleased to be priviledged to continue sponsorship of this vital ministry.


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